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SEO on Google stands for top level search engine optimization services provided by highly regarded SEO Master, Butch Hamilton. Butch Hamilton is one of the top rated SEO Masters currently working Google search engine today.

SEO on Google, or effective promoting techniques used to obtain top positions on Google, are put into motion by Butch Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton only uses approved Google Webmaster Tools and Techniques for promoting on Google.

Mr. Hamilton also uses Google resources, to a large degree, to market goods and services on the Internet. Its a fact that when you desire top rankings on Google, you use Google resources and tools to help you obtain those rankings.

Working steadily on the net for five years, Mr. Hamilton has spent an incredible amount of time writing keyword specific articles that link back to sites being promoted. This process yields significant progress on the search engines. He has been called one of the best ezine article marketers in the business, and uses article marketing as the core of his business.

When you are ready to take your online business to an entirely different level, simply fill in the handy contact form found on this page. You will get straight answers and definite proven results on the search engines from Butch Hamilton. Known as Google Man, or the Texas Wildcat SEO Man, he takes no prisoners when marketing online.

Content is King on Google

The entire SEO process for Mr. Hamilton, hinges on his unique ability to write for the search engine spiders of Google, Yahoo, MSN, WindowsLive and all the other major search engines of the net.

Secret techniques are nothing but smoke and mirrors, and when you deal with Butch Hamilton, you get the service that you require, with none of the fancy words that will only confuse you.

From Domain Purchasing and Hosting to Website Construction and successfully promoting websites on Google, Butch Hamilton covers all the SEO bases when it comes to promoting your online business.

10 SEO Questions to Ask Your SEO Provider

Download this insightful and pointed SEO Q & A document. You need to ask relevant questions of your SEO provider, to see if they really are doing quality work for your websites.
_______________________________________________SEO Companies

Other SEO Companies try to convince people to let them promote their websites for the simple reason that they have all the secrets, and new proprietary systems in place that no one else has. Let's dispel that rumor right here and now. There are no special secrets to promoting on Google. The so called SEO Gurus want you to think that this is a mysterious process that only certain people are gifted in. Butch Hamilton will tell you a totally different story.

SEO is the art and science of obtaining top positions on Google by using spider writing as the core. A spider writer is a content writer who knows how to blog, write press releases, write ezine articles and post to forums. This process is called backlink building for organic search positions.

This is not brain surgery, as most people might have you believe. It is consistent effort and time, with a mix of determination and dedication, that will get a site to the top spot on Google.
_______________________________________________Stability - Quality - Reliability

These three words perfectly explain the dedication and commitment of Butch Hamilton, to promote websites effectively on Google.

Stability - Mr. Hamilton has been operating successfully on Google for five years. His commitment to excellence in search engine optimization is well known. He is committed to excellence and professionalism, in each SEO campaign that he approaches.

Quality - Butch Hamilton accepts nothing but the very best in professional Spider Writing services. He is an accomplished SEO writer, Ezine Article Publisher and dedicated author. He has many publications with esteemed ezine article submission services like and

Reliability - You can be assured of top level professionalism when promoting your websites. Mr. Hamilton takes pride in his work, and his proven track record of search engine positions on Google, proves this point.
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